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Why Does My Kid Only Want to Play With Toys Other Kids Are Playing With?

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Oh look, there’s a toy in the corner that I haven’t played with in months, but now that someone else wants to play with it I’m going to scream and cry until they give it to me… at which point I will get bored with it after 30 seconds, set it down, only to scream and cry again when someone else wants to play with it again… come on kid, make up your damn mind.

This seems to be happening more and more frequently these days with Thing One, especially when her cousin comes over to play. As soon as he starts showing interest in a toy that Thing One hasn’t played with in months, she freaks out and tries to grab it away from him so she can play with it. Thankfully he’s very patient with her and realizes that she’s a bit younger and doesn’t quite get the concept of sharing yet, but come on man, you don’t give a shit about that toy, just let him play with it.

It sounds like this is sort of a phase that most kids go through, so that’s a bit more comforting, but I thought that maybe being in daycare has taught her a bit more about sharing and what it means to play with other kids, or wait your turn, but I guess not. I’m sure she’ll start to grow out of it, and start to realize that she’ll get a turn eventually, she just has to let someone else play with the toy for a bit, but it’s super obnoxious when she just starts screaming and pulling on any toy that her cousin touches.

I know it’s on me as a parent to teach her the ways of sharing, so we’re definitely working on that, but toddlers just don’t like to listen sometimes, unfortunately. She’s actually very good and listening in general, but when it comes to certain things like this, she just shuts us out completely and doesn’t give a shit what we say.

So hopefully she figures it out soon, but this is one of the first things she’s actually having trouble with. For the most part, up until now, she’s been very calm, patient, and easy going, but for some reason she just hates when you touch her shit… no matter how long it’s been since she’s played with it.

This is the exact reason why we slowly throw her old toys in boxes and pack them away when she’s not looking, but unfortunately with the move recently, we’ve opened boxes we shouldn’t have, so she’s gotten a glimpse of old toys that she now wants to play with again… definitely our fault on that one.

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