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Children and Gun Violence

By Not a Babysitter / February 20, 2018

My goal with this site was to keep things more light hearted and non-political, but for some reason I’ve felt the need to respond to peoples comments and stances on gun control in this country in the last week. And since this is a fairly anonymous platform for me to talk about things, I figured […]


What is a Dadchelor Party or a Push Gift?

By Not a Babysitter / May 5, 2017

I honestly wasn’t even aware that people actually had “dadchelor parties” until my wife was about 7 months pregnant and someone asked me what I was doing for my dadchelor party. I’m not sure if it’s just something that people in my area do, but either way, it’s dumb, and a dadchelor party should not […]


Moving Sucks

By Not a Babysitter / May 2, 2017

Last week was super hectic, which is why I didn’t get a chance to write anything new on here. We closed on the sale of our condo as well as on the purchase of a new house late last week, which meant we’ve been moving things and trying to get the new house in order […]


Children’s Privacy and the Internet

By Not a Babysitter / April 2, 2017

Until my kid is old enough to actually give me permission, in the form of a written contract, to use her real name and likeness for the promotion of this website, I will be refraining from doing so. From here on out my daughter will just be referred to as ‘One’ or ‘Thing One’, if […]


Why Start a Dad Blog?

By Not a Babysitter / April 1, 2017

Honestly, my life is just so interesting now that I have a kid that I figured I would share all of my totally unique stories and point of views, when it comes to raising kids, with the people of the internet. Clearly having a 2-year old makes me an expert on the subject, so what […]