Moving Sucks

moving sucks

Last week was super hectic, which is why I didn’t get a chance to write anything new on here. We closed on the sale of our condo as well as on the purchase of a new house late last week, which meant we’ve been moving things and trying to get the new house in order all weekend.

We always knew that when Thing Two was on the way, we’d have to sell our 2 bedroom condo and move into something with a little more space. So now that we can officially say that Thing Two will be here in October, it was time to move. Our condo served us very well over the last 6 years, and as I sit here writing this post from my office in the new house, I still wonder if we made the right decision. That I think we made the wrong decision in moving out, but whether or not we made the right decision on the house that we purchased. Over the course of the last few days I keep going back and forth in my head as to whether we rushed into the house decision, or if we should have spread out our search to other towns. I knew we had a specific area that we wanted to stay near, or in, but sometimes I feel like we could have gotten a bit more for our money by going a little further out.

I’m hoping this is just new home jitters combined with the fact that we’re not settled yet, we haven’t even begun some of the work we plan on doing to the house, and we’ve been greeted by a family of raccoons living in the attic, as well as a shit load of ants in the kitchen… Everything combined just keeps making me think maybe we made the wrong choice… It also doesn’t help that the weather has been super shitty for the last 5 days, which always makes you feel worse about everything.

So hopefully once we get things a little more organized, and get a little more settled in, this will start to feel like home, but for now, it doesn’t… which sucks.

In addition to that, the moving process itself was a nightmare. We closed on our condo and the house on the same day, so logistically I couldn’t think of a good way to not spend thousands of dollars by having our stuff sit overnight in a moving truck, other than to just move our stuff ourselves; so that’s what we did. I rented a truck on Thursday, thankfully had a few friends that were able to help load everything into it, and we left the truck in my parents driveway overnight, while we slept inside.

Of course when we were moving stuff, the truck ended up being too small, so we had to load things into my wife’s car, as well as my dad’s car, and that still wasn’t enough space. So after driving everything back to my parents house, we had to unload my dad’s car, and him and I had to head back to the condo that night to grab the remaining things. It’s amazing how much crap we were able to fit into that 2-bedroom condo.

So anyways, here we are, in our new home that doesn’t quite feel like home yet, dealing with raccoons and ants, while we patiently await Thing Two at the end of the year. It’s going to be one hell of a crazy year, but I think once we get everything settled here and start making new memories, this place will start to feel more like a home, and less like a weird place that we’re just visiting.




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