Why Start a Dad Blog?

why start a dad blog

Honestly, my life is just so interesting now that I have a kid that I figured I would share all of my totally unique stories and point of views, when it comes to raising kids, with the people of the internet. Clearly having a 2-year old makes me an expert on the subject, so what better way to push my views and opinions about parenting, children, other people’s parenting, and other children, on people, than with a dad blog…

Nah, the real reason is because one of my closest friends, who absolutely hates everything I try to do on the internet (whether it’s business website ideas, blogs, social media, whatever), genuinely thought it would be a good idea for me to start this… He actually said he ‘might’ read it, which is more than he’s said about anything else I’ve done in my life… except marrying my wife and having a kid… he’s very supportive of those endeavors, but everything else in my life he basically shits on… and then gets my wife to shit on them with him… it’s a vicious cycle. But a dad blog is something he’s suggested on multiple occasions, so I figured maybe there was something to that idea, and thus itsnotbabysitting.com was born.

Itsnotbabysitting.com will just be my point of views on various aspects of parenting that have come up in the past, and will come up in the future, in regards to having children. Everything on this site is my opinion, and while that opinion might not be the popular opinion, I will try to be as respectful as I can and look at all sides of a situation when commenting on something (you’ll see what I mean once you get into the articles). I can be critical of how other people raise their kids, but I respect everyone’s right to raise their kid however they want to raise their kid, and I hope that anyone reading this site will respect my thoughts as well.

Privacy Concerns

I have zero expectations for this site other than as a place for me to tell stories, give opinions, maybe a little advice, and things of that nature. However, I have to think ahead, if my buddy believes in this site, then there’s a slight chance that other people might give a shit about what I’m talking about, or relate to it and find it interesting, humorous, or just so dumb they can’t wait to see what idiotic bullshit I post about next. Either way, since children are involved, I have to make sure to try and protect them as best as I can whether one person reads this or a million people read this, which is why I’ve decided to make everything completely anonymous.

Friends and family will probably figure out the voice behind the mask, but if you know who we are in real life, I would appreciate it if you would respect our privacy and not mention our names throughout the site and/or on social media. I’m not going crazy with the privacy protection, but I’ve taken basic measures to ensure that things remain anonymous, so please try to respect that.

In regards to names, places, and any other recognizable context on the site, those will be omitted. I will not mention specific locations and I will not be using any real names, or pictures that show the kids faces or anyone else’s faces. And I go into those concerns more in my post about privacy.

What I Expect from the Site

As I said, I really have no expectations at the moment, but I have a shit load of stories I can tell in just the 2 short years my daughter has been alive, as well as other random thoughts and things. I really expect maybe a handful of people to read this, and that’s totally fine, but if more people find the site and like what I’m writing about, that’s fine too. So we’ll just see what happens, maybe it’ll fizzle out and die like the other website I’ve started over the years, or maybe it will actually become a thing and put my daughter through college (it won’t). It’s really just an outlet for me to tell stories about my experiences and nothing more.

Oh, and if you haven’t already figured it out, there will be adult language on the site, because I am an adult… This is not a website that children will probably read, there aren’t any Frozen videos, or Trolls songs playing (ugh, Trolls), so I feel no guilt about swearing, or using adult language in the articles. And if that offends you, sorry, but the site is an extension of my voice, and I swear a lot… sorry.

So here we go… welcome to a glimpse of my life as a dad of a young daughter…


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